80s Camel Pro Short Track Championships Motocross t-shirt Large

$99.99 USD

Chest 20.5 in.

Length 26 in.

Content: Feels like a cotton blend

Tag Brand: Unreadable

This rad t-shirt remembers the Camel Pro Short Track National Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. Sanctioned by the American Motorcyclists Association and sponsored by Camel Cigarettes, this competition was a part of the American Flat Track motorcycle racing series. Short Track racing is just one of the distinct forms of competition that the AMA sanctioned and the others include steeplechase, half-mile, dirt track, and road races. During the 80s when this shirt is from, drivers like Bubba Shobert, Ricky Graham, and Scott Parker won multiple titles. Harley-Davidson and Honda bikes swept the championship titles during the 80s and into the 90s as well.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large. Light spots on the front, see pics.