80s Go For It Surf Skateboard Ski Wave Iron On t-shirt Large

$69.99 USD

Chest 20 in.

Length 28 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Kaufenberg

This cool t-shirt features an iron on graphic on the back that says "Go For It." The graphic shows skateboarders, surfers, skiers, and other athletes in a cyclical ocean wave. In the 1980s, the fitness craze swept the nation. From celebrity work-out videos to anti-establishment skaters, everyone was "going for it" back then. California especially was a hub for those looking to participate in the more extreme outdoor sports, like surfing. Thanks to the perfect, year-round whether, the Golden State offered the perfect backdrop for folks looking to catch a wave or go for a ride.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large. The graphic is iron on and on the back of the shirt, repair on  graphic, see pics