80s Little River Band 1980 Concert t-shirt Extra Small

$99.99 USD

Chest 15 in.

Length 24 in.

Content: feels like a cotton blend

Tag Brand: unbranded

This original concert tee appears to have doubled as a backstage pass for the Little River Band's 1980 world tour. This year coincided with the release of The Last Romance album. The year before they released First Under the Wire, followed by Time Exposure in 1981.

LRB has roots dating back to 1975, founded in Melbourne, Australia. They had a strong following in both their home country and the United States, selling over 30 million records, and earning top 10 rankings on six studio albums. Among their most notable tracks are "Help is on Its Way", "Reminiscing", and "Lonesome Loser".

Fits like a modern unisex adult extra small.