80s Mark Hoffman Rabble Leps New Wave t-shirt Small

$99.99 USD

Chest 16 in.

Length 26.5 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: box tag

This vintage band tee is dedicated to Mark Hoffman and The Rabble's 1980s new wave album Leps and Other New Words. It's aged really well over the years and truly embodies that old school rocker vibe. Features their iconic cover art on one hundred percent cotton- very comfy and and fun to look at.

Mark Hoffman and The Rabble are a rather obscure rock band but have a dedicated following of listeners. The album Leps and Other New Words (1980) is best loved for tracks like "Spider" and "If You See Kay". Core members during this time were Mark Hoffman, Janes Hansen, Randal Vandal, Eric Feldman, Tom Werman, Brody, and Jerome Jumonville.

It's unclear if the band is still active but their merchandise, like sealed LP vinyls and vintage t-shirts like this one, remain popular collectors items. There is known to be 2 variations of cover artwork for Leps and Other New Words, the one featured here is the lipstick mark which is also a pair of legs in stilettos.

Fits like a modern unisex adult small.