80s Metallica Metal Kill Em All Lightning Rock t-shirt Medium

$399.99 USD

Chest 19.5 in.

Length 25.5 in.

Content: feels like a cotton blend

Tag Brand: unbranded

This 80s Metallica tee was made during the height of the band's popularity when they did a lot of touring. It's copyright 1989, but features the iconic album art from their 1983 and 1984 releases Kill Em All and Ride the Lightning. Features eye-catching graphics, soft cotton blend, and double sided print. Incredibly comfy and fun to look at.

Metallica emerged on the California music scene during the early 80s and released several demos before they were noticed by Jon Zazula, the head of independent record label Megaforce. The group was signed and they recorded the album Kill Em All (1983), originally intending to call it Metal Up Your Ass. They also wanted the cover to depict a dagger emerging from a toilet bowl, but distributors forced them to change it, fearing that such offensive imagery would bar them from commercial success. By 1989, Metallica had found that commercial success and even nominated for a Grammy. This would probably explain why they went ahead and moved forward with this gnarly design.

The back graphic comes from Metallica's Ride the Lighting (1984) album released one year after their debut album. Impressively, it peaked at the number 100 spot on the Billboard 200 without any radio airplay. The group promoted the album through their European Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang Tour and they also played at festivals like Monster of Rock and Day on the Green.

It goes without saying that Metallica is among the most prominent names in rock and metal music. Their legacy carries a lot of weight thanks to their contributions to the genre, remarkable performances, and everlasting works of song. Today, people continue paying homage to the group through memorabilia and collectibles just like this vintage band tee.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium. Shirt is very thin and soft. Copyright 1989. Double sided graphic.