80s New Orleans Mardi Gras Masquerade Rainbow t-shirt Small

$44.99 USD

Chest 17 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 50% cotton 50% polyester

Tag Brand: Hanes

This vibrant graphic tee is a keepsake from New Orleans, Louisiana. Nola is known for being a party town. especially on the Tuesday in winter known as Mardi Gras. Thousands flock to the southern city for the holiday which is New Orleans' biggest event of the year. Mardi Gras is a Christian holiday that is celebrated all over the world and goes by many names like Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, and Carnival. Typical Mardi Gras celebrations involve a parade, indulging in donuts, drinking, and just letting lose before the Lenten period of fasting begins.

Fits like a modern unisex adult small.