80s Skydiving Halley's Comet Earth Z-Hills Space t-shirt Large

$69.99 USD

Chest 21 in.

Length 25 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Stedman

This shirt features an awesome graphic of a skydiver over the planet earth. This shirt is from Z-Hills, a skydiving company that for over 60 years has created exciting experiences for the brave and willing in Zephyrhills, Florida.

Along with skydiving this shirt features something else on many peoples' bucket list's; getting the chance to see Halley's Comet. The first recording of Halley is thought to be in 239 BC by Chinese astronomers. The comet is visible from Earth every 75 to 79 years. That means after 1986 the next sighting from earth is in 2061.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large