80s Steve Caballero Powell Peralta Skate t-shirt Extra Large

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Chest 22 in.

Length 25 in.

Content: Feels like cotton blend

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This stylishly distressed vintage tee is an awesome and rare keepsake from the skateboarding scene of the 1980s. The shirt features double-sided graphics honoring the legendary professional skateboarder Steve Caballero and it's copyright 1980, which was the year that Caballero went pro thanks to the Gold Cup series in Oasis Skatepark in Southern California. 

Caballero began his skate career in the mid 70s at the young age of just 14. By the end of the decade he had been approached by the skateboard company Powell Peralta, who offered the young skater a sponsorship. He wound up becoming one of the many iconic members of Powell Peralta's skate team, the Bones Brigade. Alongside other Bones Brigade legends like Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Alan Gelfand, Rodney Mullen, and Tony Hawk, he became the star of a variety of influential skate videos directed by Powell Peralta co-founder Stacy Peralta. This included The Search for Animal Chin from 1987, which was considered largely responsible for inspiring an entire generation of young skaters to pick up a board.

With his talent for difficult tricks and multiple competition titles, Caballero is considered one of the most talented skaters to ever grace the cover of publications like Thrasher Magazine. In 1987, he set the record for highest air achieved on a halfpipe, a record which stood for ten years until it was broken by fellow Bones Brigade member Danny Way. Caballero's long-standing record was an impressive 11 feet.

Outside of his skateboarding career, Caballero has been a member of several punk rock bands, most notably The Faction, a group that has been consistently composed of accomplished skateboarders. The group was first formed in San Jose, California in 1982 and an early demo tape of theirs detailed that their music was "by skaters for skaters".

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large. This shirt is thrashed with multiple paint stains, holes, and spots, see pics.