80s Toy Dolls 1986 California Tour Punk Band t-shirt Medium

$199.99 USD

Chest 19.5 in.

Length 22.5 in.

Content: Feels like 100% Cotton

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This cool cut up band t-shirt pays tribute to the English punk band Toy Dolls, and it highlights a 1986 tour that the band took around the state of California, stopping at venues like the Hollywood Palladium and Mabhay Gardens. Founded in 1979, Toy Dolls set themselves apart from other punk rock groups by maintaining the rough up-tempo sound of the genre while pairing it with unusually light-hearted and goofy lyrics. Some standout tracks from the band include "Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead", "My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar", and "James Bond Lives Down Our Street", but they are perhaps best known for their cover of the children's song "Nellie the Elephant".

The year of the California Tour the group released their studio album Idle Gossip, and at that point in time the band's lineup consisted of Michael "Olga" Algar, Dean "James" Robson, and Graham "Teddy" Edmundson. The Dolls' lineup has changed numerous times over the years with vocalist and guitarist Olga remaining the sole consistent member. To further emphasize their quirky and upbeat take on punk music, Toy Dolls are known for their cartoonish rectangular sunglasses, and the utilization of kazoos in their music.  

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium. This shirt has deep cut sides and small holes on the back, see pics.