90s Chicago Bulls Back to Back Champs t-shirt Extra Large

$129.99 USD

Chest 23.5 in.

Length 29 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Trench

This striped tee reps the most impressive NBA team of the 90s, the Chicago Bulls, and it celebrates the team's back to back NBA Championship victories in 1991 and 1992. These championships were just the beginning of the Bull's success in the 90s. They would finish the decade with two three-peat victories thanks to Hall of Fame players like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and their coach Phil Jackson.

First during the 1990-1991 season, the bulls kicked off the decade by earning a then-franchise record of 61 wins. They went on to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, who were lead by the impressive Magic Johnson. For the next season, the Bulls amped up their winning record to 67 wins for the season. They then defeated the Portland Trailer Blazers, lead by Clyde Drexler, in the NBA Finals.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large