90s Chicago Bulls Jordan Pippen Grant NBA t-shirt Large

$199.99 USD

Chest 22.5 in.

Length 28.5 in.

Content: Feels like 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Nutmeg Mills

This sweet vintage basketball shirt is from the early 90s, when the Chicago Bulls were completely dominating the NBA, and the shirt features some of the team's key players. The Bulls managed to win an impressive two three-peat championships in the 90s, which means they earned six NBA titles in a single decade. The Bulls' dynasty included some of the best names in professional basketball history, including the trio on this tee: Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, and Scottie Pippen.

All three players were NBA All-Stars, and Pippen and Jordan were also later inducted into the Hall of Fame. Despite not making it to the Hall of Fame, Grant was just as integral to the team in the 90s. He was the player responsible for the last-second block on Kevin Johnson that helped the Bulls to secure their 1993 NBA Championship, solidifying their first three-peat. Grant also stepped in as the number two star after Michael Jordan announced his first retirement following the 1992-1993 season.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large