90s Jupiter II Lost in Space TV Movie t-shirt Extra Large

$149.99 USD

Chest 23.5 in.

Length 32 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Fruit of the Loom

This awesome vintage sci fi tee pays homage to one of the earliest television series of the genre, Lost in Space. First airing on CBS in 1965, Lost in Space was a science fiction re-telling of the classic 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson. Originally shot in black and white, the series was three seasons worth of the Robinsons, a family of space colonists, traversing through the depths of space.

This particular shirt highlights the Jupiter 2, a double decked flying saucer that provided both shelter and transportation for the Robinsons, during their adventures through the galaxies. Despite only receiving mild ratings, Lost in Space was an important hallmark among 1960s television as it was the first big-budget prime-time science fiction series to air. It was created by the beloved "Master of Disaster" Irwin Allen who later made the hit movies The Towering Inferno and The Poseidon Adventure. And while some fans may think of the series as cheesy, others remember Lost in Space for its beloved characters and catchphrases particularly the warning "Danger Will Robinson!" that was uttered by The Robot voiced by Dick Tufeld. In fact, the line is so iconic it was used as the tagline to the 1998 Lost in Space theatrical film.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large