90s Prince New Power Generation Act 1 Tour t-shirt Extra Large

$499.99 USD

Chest 23.5 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Brockum

This amazing t-shirt is a keepsake from Prince and the Power Generation's Act I tour in 1993. The tee features a colorful graphic of the symbol, known to fans as the Love Symbol, which was the unpronounceable name of his 14th studio album. Prince actually changed his stage name to this symbol in '93 due to a dispute with his label and he was referred to as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, TAFKAP, or just The Artist until 2000.

Act I was the name for the North American leg of Prince's tour in promotion of his Love Symbol album. Looking at Prince's previous tours and his subsequent Act II tour, Act I was comparatively modest. He only played 25 shows, mostly on the East Coast, but every show sold out. He played a mix of tracks from his new album like "7" and "My Name is Prince" as well as his classics like "Purple Rain," "Kiss," and "Raspberry Beret." Act I was also Prince's last tour with the backing band the Power Generation, who didn't join him for Act II.

Love Symbol was a fantasy rock opera concept album with spoken segues between tracks. The segues attempted to lay a storyline which would eventually become the basis for Prince's 1994 film 3 Chains o' Gold. The story followed an Egyptian Princess who falls in love with a rock star, however many of the segues were cut for album length so fans had to wait until the film came out to get the full story.

Fits like a modern unisex adult extra large. Two repairs and light spot on front, see pics.