90s Speed Racer Mach Go Go Anime Cartoon t-shirt Large

$249.99 USD

Chest 21 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Changes

This awesome vintage tee features a large full color graphic celebrating the classic Japanese anime series Speed Racer, or as its known in Japan, Mach GoGoGo. The show was based off of a serialized manga featured in the magazine Shonen Book back in the mid 1960s. It was then adapted into an anime by Tatsunoko Productions, who would also go onto produce the show's 1997 reboot. This shirt is from the early 90s when the first major line of Speed Racer toys was developed along with a 13-episode long Americanized version of the show called The New Adventures of Speed Racer.

Speed Racer had previously been adapted for American television in the summer of 1967, and the English dub version became notorious for its major editing and dubbing that included the majority of the dialogue being performed by the project's producer, Peter Fernandez. Despite heavy editing, the show still followed the basic plot of the Japanese cartoon which centered around the talented young title character and his love of racing. Speed, or as he was known in the Japanese version, Go, competed in automobile races using his car the Mach 5 and was often aided by the mysterious Racer X, who was secretly his older brother.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large. There is a small repair on the left shoulder when wearing, see pics.