90s Wolverine X Men Marvel Comics Superhero t-shirt Large

$299.99 USD

Chest 22.5 in.

Length 28 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Signal Sport

This awesome graphic tee pays homage to the Marvel Comics superhero, Wolverine. As a member of the X-Men superhero team, Wolverine is a mutant with animal-like senses, super-healing abilities, and retractable claws. Wolverine is a typical antihero, with questionable ethics and a brooding, loner attitude.

Wolverine has appeared in countless Marvel comics and was played by actor Hugh Jackman in the X-Men film series. The films, made by 20th Century Fox, renewed interest in the X-Men franchise. The first film was released in 2000 and it revolved heavily around Wolverine joining the X-Men. On the movie's opening day, it grossed over $21.4 million, making it the third-highest grossing film ever at the time.

The X-Men are one of Marvel's best known superhero teams. Consisting of a rotating cast of mutants, the team is almost always lead by founder Professor Charles "X" Xavier. The X-Men go against villains like Magneto but they also battle bigotry and prejudice against mutants. Some well-known members include Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, Beast and Iceman.

Fits like a modern unisex oversized adult Extra Large