Y2K Hollow Man Think You're Alone? Movie t-shirt Extra Large

$129.99 USD

Chest 23 in.

Length 30 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Alstyle

This awesome graphic tee promotes the 2000 horror sci fi flick, Hollow Man. Based on the classic H.G. Wells novel The Invisible Man, the movie follows an over-confident scientist, played by Kevin Bacon, who turns himself invisible using an experimental serum. Once it's discovered the transformation is irreversible, the film follows his slow descent into insanity. Part of the film's production involved creating an anatomically correct computer model of Kevin Bacon's entire body which was said to be accurate down to his capillaries. The intense detail of the model led to it later being donated to scientific research.

Although it failed to impress critics, the movie broke box office records. It topped the box office for multiple weeks and was director, Paul Verhoeven's biggest hit in almost a decade. Hollow Man was critiqued for several reason, but almost all critics agreed that the special affects were phenomenal. The film was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, although it lost to Gladiator.

Fits like a modern unisex adult extra large. Some discoloration throughout, see pics.