July 24, 2016

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Punk Week 2016 Day 6 - Minor Threat

Its the final day of Punk Week here at The Captain's Vintage.  I know that it says it is day 6, but on the 7th day, the Punk Gods Rested.

Today we feature the most legendary band of the straight edge movement of the 1980s, Minor Threat! 

Brian Baker Minor Threat

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July 22, 2016

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Punk Week rolls on here at The Captain's Vintage, and after last night's RNC Nomination of Donald Trump, the Dead Kennedy's Bedtime for Democracy seems very appropriate.


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July 21, 2016

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Punk Week 2016 Day 3 - Circle Jerks!

Punk Week is in Full Swing at The Captain's Vintage! Yesterday we were featured on the blog for the top punk festival in the US, and today we feature the Circle Jerks!

Circle Jerks

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June 21, 2016

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T-shirt Tuesday - Dr. Pepper I'm a Pepper t-shirt!

n the late 70's / early 80s, Dr. Pepper fans were given a nickname: the Peppers.  I know that sounds ridiculous today, but it was a simpler time...

dr pepper I'm a pepper

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - The Great American Choral Festival

Well folks, you asked for it and we answered. A compilation of the best/worst school choir performances from the 1980s, inspired by this swell new arrival

Before we begin, I'll just set the mood with this great shot from the spring of '82 of Fest competitors from the St. Louis Children's Choir. It seems the Great American Choral Festival is no longer in action - but, don't sweat vocally gifted teens and tweens - I'm sure in the age of Glee there's plenty of other events in which to compete! However, they will likely have none of the pizazz of these matching outfits or original Fest logo... 

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T-Shirt Tuesday - Sinistar

Today for T-Shirt Tuesday I bring you this Williams Electronics' Sinistar shirt from the early 80's. Arguably one of the most maddeningly difficult arcade games of all time, Sinistar can best be summed up by the game's frightening title character itself: 
"I am Sinistar!
Beware, I live!
Run, Run, Run!
Beware, Coward!
Run, Coward!
I hunger!"

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Where's the Beef?

In 1983, retired Chicago manicurist, Clara Peller, would embody Andy Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" adage when she was plucked from obscurity to star in a tv commercial for the then struggling Wendy's fast food chain. In that first, fateful appearance, she and two other women of advanced age visit the competition and after looking at the rather puny hamburger patty shouts in a raspy voice "Where's the Beef?"

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