August 21, 2015

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Polaroid Summer Look Book pt 1

From our Summer Look Book, shot on Polaroid Camera with film from the Impossible Project, available in our store!

T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Crazy Eddie (His prices are INSANE!)

Classic vintage t-shirt coming at ya today from the infamous, now-defunct electronics retail chain, Crazy Eddie, founded by Eddie Antar in Brooklyn, New York in 1971. INSAAAAAANE!

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Trip Log - Bangkok: Made by Legacy July 2015 Pt 1

In July I was lucky enough to travel to Bangkok Thailand for the premier vintage event of Thailand, Made by Legacy. Read more on the full post!
Looks good, right?

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Phillie Phanatic Phorever!

Word on the street is the Philadelphia Phillies are suddenly streaking. Apparently so did the Phillie Phanatic back in August 2011... 

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Today we're highlighting not one great 70's shirt, but four! Four t-shirts, all Fonzie! Can you say Aaayyy!? 

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Bring Back the Beatles

Recently we stumbled upon a few of these "Bring Back The Beatles" t-shirts with an incredibly charming design featuring cartoon insect versions of the fab four. We knew all of you Beatle fans would go ga-ga over these, but we had no idea they told such an interesting story of the years just following The Beatles' break-up

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - A 1989 Simpsons Family Portrait

1989. The year Matt Groening's animated-short-turned-prime-time-series, The Simpsons, debuted on FOX. Also, the copyright date on these awesome deadstock "Family Portrait" t-shirts in our inventory!

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