Today we're highlighting not one great 70's shirt, but four! Four t-shirts, all Fonzie! Can you say Aaayyy!? 

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (AKA "Fonzie" or "The Fonz"), played by Henry Winkler in the hit 70s sitcom Happy Days (1974 - 84), is one of the most iconic TV characters of all time. The leather jacket, the popped collar, the motorcycle, the attitude. No wonder he had "a gift" with the ladies. 

Fonzie was originally a secondary character, but was soon positioned as a lead when he came to dwarf the other characters in popularity. In addition to the four great original t-shirts in our collection, there was a veritable landslide of Fonzie merchandise... 

Unlike many other stars of the 1970s who rose to fame in a short period of time and developed "big heads," Henry managed to stay grounded. He was said to be more polite and agreeable, even after his popularity soared. 

When asked recently in an interview for Pop Culture Addict how typecasting affected his career, Winkler was honest. "Well, sometimes it does.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  But if I had to look at the big picture I wouldn’t change a thing because it is so gigantic what I have been given in my life.  You know, I mean just outside my children, and outside the novels that I write which I never thought I could do in my whole life because I’m dyslexic, well my jacket is in the Smithsonian [Institute], I have a statue in Milwaukee and my star is on Hollywood Boulevard, I’ve been knighted by the government of France.  So what am I going to do?  Say “Oh yeah, whoa is me?”  I don’t think so."

Whatta guy!