Punk Week 2016 Day 3 - Circle Jerks!

Punk Week is in Full Swing at The Captain's Vintage! Yesterday we were featured on the blog for the top punk festival in the US, and today we feature the Circle Jerks!

Circle Jerks

Our recent arrival of an awesome early Skank logo of the Circle Jerks shows an alternate version of the logo, on a pink back drop! Purchased at an east coast show in the 1980s, this shirt is amazing and rare!

Circle Jerks Skank Logo

Formed in 1980 by Keith Morris and Greg Hetson after Morris' withdraw from Black Flag, Circle Jerks exploded onto the SoCal Punk Scene with their first two albums Group Sex and Wild in the Streets.  With most songs coming in under 2 minutes at a fast pace, this was the next level in hardcore thrash punk, and it lead to some wild live shows like this one shown below, which is tagged as 1979 but is probably 1980-1982.


In 1984 Circle Jerks were immortalized on screen in the cult classic Repo Man, with both the use of their song Coup D'Etat, and their appearance as the lounge band on screen.  If you haven't seen Repo Man, I would recommend firing that up right now!



I was lucky enough to see Circle Jerks in Philadelphia in the late 90s / early 2000's, and they really brought it!  Keith Morris was rocking hard, and they slammed through classics and of course a few Black Flag songs including Jealous Again.

It appears that for now Circle Jerks are on hiatus as Keith Morris is touring with his new band Off! and Black Flag cover band FLAG, but hopefully at some point they will reunite and crank out some more classics!

Stay tuned to Punk Week here at The Captain's Vintage, and view our special authentic Punk Collection for new additions every day this week!