80s Mardi Gras New Orleans Masquerade Sweatshirt Small

Chest 19 in.

Length 22 in.

Sleeve 19.5 in.

Content: 50% polyester 50% cotton

Tag Brand: Action

This sweet pullover sweatshirt commemorates Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, Louisiana. The graphic features a woman wearing a very detailed, feathered masquerade-style mask. Mardi Gras celebrations traditionally occur the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lent season in Catholicism and other Christian denominations. Sometimes referred to as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras traditions include eating rich, fatty foods to prepare for the coming 40 days of sacrifice and fasting.

Christian countries all over the world have their own traditions but, in the United States, New Orleans is specially known for their large Mardi Gras celebrations. Mardi Gras is a two week long affair in Nola, culminating in parades led by krewes, social clubs that organize floats and performances for the holiday. The parades are known for their colorful costumes and elaborate venetian masks. Most celebrations center around Bourbon Street but Mardi Gras celebrations occur throughout the French Quarter, Uptown and Mid-City districts.

Fits like a modern unisex adult small.


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