80s Peachtree Road Race 1980 Nike Atlanta Ringer t-shirt Small

Chest 17 in.

Length 25 in.

Content: 50% polyester 50% cotton

Tag Brand: Anheuser-Busch

This sweet ringer tee commemorates the 1980 Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia. The race was sponsored by the Atlanta Track Club, Nike, and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, which were the city's main daily newspapers at the time. Since the race was first run in the 70s, its grown to be one of the largest 10k races in the world. For the 1980 race, officials had to cap registration at a whopping 25,000 participants to reduce congestion. Since then, the cap has increased to 60,000 but the Peachtree is so popular that runners still have to register using a lottery system. The fastest finisher in the 1980 race was an American named Craig Virgin who completed the 10k in just under 29 minutes.

Fits like a modern unisex adult small.


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