90 Chefasaurus Cliff Galbraith Dinosaur Chef t-shirt Large

Chest 20 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

Tag Brand: Screen Stars

This goofy t-shirt comes from the popular line of Saurus tees. Designed by comic book artist Cliff Galbraith, the Saurus tee's were first made in 1986. At the time Cliff Galbraith co-owned a struggling t-shirt printing company called Talking Tops Inc, with his father Ray Galbraith.

The first Saurus shirt was a Computasaurus, followed by Shopasaurus and Partysaurus. The popularity of the concept of the Saurus tee's allowed for the Galbraiths' to transition their business entirely to the Saurus line practically overnight.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large


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