90s Iron Bowl 1991 Alabama Crimson Tide Sweatshirt Extra Large

Chest 24.5 in.

Length 25.5 in.

Content: 50% cotton 50% polyester

Tag Brand: Jostens

This rad vintage sweatshirt remembers the 1991 Iron Bowl, a college football rivalry game between the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn University Tigers. Many football fans consider the Iron Bowl to be one of the most important rivalries in not just college sports, but American sports as a whole. The rivalry is over 120 years old and the game was named for Birmingham, Alabama's history as a leader in iron and steel manufacturing. The Crimson Tide won the 1991 game, their second win in a row, and they would go on to win again the following year for a three-year streak. The longest Iron Bowl streak, in Alabama's favor, ran for 9 years during the 70s and early 80s.

Fits like a modern unisex adult extra large. Some light spots on the sleeve and back, see pics.


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