90s Nelson Mandela Freedom Tour 1990 t-shirt Medium

Chest 18.5 in.

Length 26.5 in.

Content: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

Tag Brand: Oneita

This cool t-shirt is a keepsake from the historic tour that former South African president, Nelson Mandela, took across the United States in the early 90s. In particular this shirt celebrates the activist's time in California at the Los Angeles Coliseum and the Oakland Coliseum, which were the final stops on his 1990 Freedom Tour. Mandela had yet to be elected president when he embarked on his tour of the US. He was known just as a prominent anti-apartheid activist, and the tour was launched only a few short months after he was released from his 27 year-long prison sentence.

Mandela was arrested in 1962 alongside fellow activist Cecil Williams, and he was charged with inciting workers' strikes and leaving the country without permission. He was initially sentenced to five years imprisonment, but after the Rivonia Trial, Mandela was accused of conspiring to overthrow the government and sentenced to life.

Mandela's tour of America only lasted 12 days, but during that time he was able to pack massive sports stadiums full of people clamoring to see this resilient figure who fought for racial equality and colonial liberation. People who gathered were also eager to celebrate Mandela's release from prison, as they viewed his freedom as a defining symbol of the end of the apartheid system in South Africa. Many African-Americans in particular were eager to see Mandela speak, and were moved by his ongoing spirit even after years of fighting, sacrifice, and imprisonment in the name of his beliefs.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium. There is a repair on the side and spots on the front, see pics.


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