Keep 90s Wrestling Alive!

If you have ever wanted to wear an oversize black t-shirt with a glistening muscular man holding gold on the front, you're in luck: 

Shawn Michaels

The 90s were a special, special time for the world of wrestling, whether you were into the World Wrestling Foundation or its major competitor, World Championship Wrestling. 

If you look at more than one "top wrestlers of all time" lists, you'll start to see some repeats, guys that were so iconic in the ring that we can't stop talking about them- even today! 

Guys like Shawn Michaels had smoldering pouts and crazy nicknames like The Heartbreak Kid. Spectators thrived off of their crude and indelicate personas. Some, like Michaels, were ladies men who strutted into the ring in glittering getups giving eyes to the camera.

Some of his catchphrases were that he was "God's gift to women" and "Not your boy toy". 

The fanfare drew people in. Everyone wanted a glimpse of the beefy dudes in rainbow leotards, and the popularity of shows like WWF and WCW soared.

In truth, the fanfare was about 85% of the whole event, because WWF and WCW were not sporting competitions. In the very beginning, there was a level of public belief that wrestling was real. But after admissions from the owner (to avoid athletic taxes, obviously) and clear demonstrations of friendship between the wrestlers that were supposed to hate each other, the "kayfabe" was broken. 

Triple H

One such event in 1996 called "Curtain Call" broadcast a friendly moment between Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor and Triple H. Michaels and Diesel were sworn enemies, and so were Razor and Triple H. But as fans watched them hug and pose in the ring, they realized that maybe wrestling entertainment was... 


This breaks my Hart

But it doesn't matter if it's fake; it matters that its fun! 

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