Punk Week 2016 Day 1 - The Ramones!

As the RNC kicks off this week, we are celebrating Punk Music and the Punk movement with a selection of authentic vintage Punk Rock tees that we have recently received at The Captain's Vintage!  

Kicking off our week is the godfathers of Punk, the Ramones! 


Formed in 1974, The Ramones, who were not related, all took the last name Ramone for their stage name.  This choice came from their fandom of the Beatles; when Paul McCartney was traveling and did not want to be recognized, he would check in to his hotel as Paul Ramone.

Credited with bring Punk to the masses, their debut Album Ramones was an instant classic.  With every song clocking in under 2:30, Ramones was a fast loud rebellion against the classic rock ballads of the time.  They rocked hard, fast, and loud, and made an impression everywhere that they traveled.

The t-shirt that we recently acquired is from their 1986 album and subsequent tour for Animal Boy.  

Ramones Animal Boy

This album featured the song Somebody Put Something in My Drink, and a personal favorite Crummy.  Here's a clip of the Ramones performing "Somebody" in MTV studios.



We also have another awesome Ramones related shirt right now, the Kill a Commie for Mommy t-shirt as seen being worn by Tommy Ramone.  While most members of the Ramones were politically agnostic / liberal, Tommy was always known for being a conservative.  Here you can see him wearing a t-shirt very similar to the one that we currently have in stock


Here is the distressed, super soft, original version of this shirt that we currently have in stock


This central conflict within the band, as well as alleged "girlfriend stealing" lead to a feud between Joey and Johnny that was never resolved before Joey's death in 2001.  

As the RNC continues on this week, keep checking back for more posts on Punk Week, follow us on Instagram to stay up to date, and check our our Punk T-shirts Collection on our website!