June 21, 2016

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T-shirt Tuesday - Dr. Pepper I'm a Pepper t-shirt!

n the late 70's / early 80s, Dr. Pepper fans were given a nickname: the Peppers.  I know that sounds ridiculous today, but it was a simpler time...

dr pepper I'm a pepper

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The Beatles Butcher Cover t-shirt - the rarest vintage t-shirt for sale!

On June 20th 1966, The Beatles released the album with their most controversial cover of all time, the Butcher Cover of the Album "Yesterday and Today".  This cover, part of a photo shoot by Photographer Robert Whitaker titled A Somnambulant Adventure sought to take the Beatles out of their usual photo shoots, and to get a bit experimental.  This was never intended to be the album cover, but in early 1966 the Fab 4, particular John and Paul, decided to submit it as the album cover for their upcoming US album release titled "Yesterday and Today" 

The Beatles fought very hard for the cover, convincing the President of Capital Records Alan W Livingston that they had to have the Butcher Cover, and would not allow another image.  They stated that this was their protest against the Vietnam War, and refused to budge despite their management and record label's concerns.  

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Crazy Eddie (His prices are INSANE!)

Classic vintage t-shirt coming at ya today from the infamous, now-defunct electronics retail chain, Crazy Eddie, founded by Eddie Antar in Brooklyn, New York in 1971. INSAAAAAANE!

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Trip Log - Bangkok: Made by Legacy July 2015 Pt 1

In July I was lucky enough to travel to Bangkok Thailand for the premier vintage event of Thailand, Made by Legacy. Read more on the full post!
Looks good, right?

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Phillie Phanatic Phorever!

Word on the street is the Philadelphia Phillies are suddenly streaking. Apparently so did the Phillie Phanatic back in August 2011... 

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Today we're highlighting not one great 70's shirt, but four! Four t-shirts, all Fonzie! Can you say Aaayyy!? 

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - A 1989 Simpsons Family Portrait

1989. The year Matt Groening's animated-short-turned-prime-time-series, The Simpsons, debuted on FOX. Also, the copyright date on these awesome deadstock "Family Portrait" t-shirts in our inventory!

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