80s Sun Your Buns California Spoof Ringer t-shirt Extra Small

$79.99 USD

Chest 15.5 in.

Length 28 in.

Content: 50% cotton 50% polyester

Tag Brand: Stedman

This cheeky ringer features a graphic for the sun-soaked state of California. It says, "Sun Your Buns," with a dog pulling down a woman's bikini bottoms. The graphic seems to be a spoof of the famous Coppertone sunscreen girl which has appeared in the brand's marketing since the 1950s. California is the perfect place to sun your buns, with over 800 miles of Pacific coastline. From the foggy, coastal redwood forests to the surf beaches of SoCal, there's an ocean oasis for everyone's tastes in California.

Tag says small but fits like a modern unisex adult extra small.