90s Black Sabbath War Pigs t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 23 in.

Length 28 in. 

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Cronies

This vintage black t-shirt is from the heavy metal band Black Sabbath and their song War Pigs from the Paranoid album release. The graphic on the front is of infantry pigs holding their weapons with artillery guns and heavy armor firing in the background. "War Pigs" was originally intended to be named "Walpurgis", an event that bassist Geezer Butler described as "Christmas for Satanists." The intention of the title was to draw a direct analogy between the general concept of war and pure evil. The title was seen as too Satanic (even for the band named Black Sabbath), so the producers and the band changed the name to just "War Pigs". The song has become one of the most enduring pieces of Black Sabbath's identity. It is still used today in modern media.

"War Pigs" isn't even the most well known song from the album Paranoid. The 4x platinum album had two singles spin out of its 1970 release: "Paranoid" and "Iron Man". Paranoid's personnel including Sabbath members Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass, Ozzy Osbourne on vocals and Bill Ward on drums. The band reached the top position in the UK charts, and despite its commercial success in America, could only crack the 12th position on the US Billboard 200.

This shirt is an Adult Extra Large.




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