60s Boy Scouts of American Explorer Logo t-shirt Large

Chest: 20.5 in.

Length: 23 in.

Content: Cotton blend

Tag Brand: Explorer "T" Shirt

This sweet 60's tee features the logo for the Boy Scouts of America Exploring Program. The new logo was intended to be very modern and progressive with the general impression of speed and movement. The "V' in the middle symbolized the Explorer's growth. The sense of duty to self and camaraderie with others was represented by the two prisms. These shapes all merged together pointing to infinity which represented the duty to God. The Explorer's environment was represented by the circles, colored red, white, and blue as a representation of American heritage. The logo is often referred to as the "Circle-V."

The Exploring program replaced the Explorer program in 1958 when the BSA and the University of Michigan found through research that teenage boys were more interested in having fun with their friends than they were in personal advancement. The Boy Scouts of America rolled out the Exploring program with a brand new logo, to appeal to the interest of boys this age.

The program offered opportunities for boys to explore interesting ways to earn a living, personalized community service projects, parties, picnics, and a wide variety of sports. 

Tag says extra large but this shirt fits like a modern unisex adult large. 




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